3 reasons why social media is non-negotiable for property marketing

Facebook is now over 15 years old.  If you still haven’t jumped on the Facebook bandwagon when it comes to your real estate business we are here to have the tough love conversation you need about why it is no longer just a ‘nice to have’, but an essential for growing your real estate business.


Social media is an integral part of our daily lives and has changed the way buyers and tenants find properties and sellers select agents.  It is now an essential part of the ‘advertising toolbox’ for marketing real estate. 

Around 60% of Australians and New Zealanders have a Facebook account and around 1 in 2 people check it every single day. Instagram has just over a third of Australians using it.

Both platforms have the intelligence to serve property ads to people most likely to be interested, not just anyone, helping to optimise visibility amongst potential buyers and deliver cost-effective results for your marketing spend. 

Vendors are now requesting social media as a standard marketing inclusion when they sell their home. They know that social media can provide the extra leverage their property needs to find a buyer or achieve a premium result. 


Agents who aren’t leveraging their presence on social media are simply missing out on brand exposure in their marketplace. 

The more positive touchpoints a potential buyer or seller has with your brand, the more they’ll trust it.  

Building your brand identity and profile online is how you’ll establish a point of difference between you and your competitors.


Social media not only has the power to give your property exposure to more potential buyers, but perhaps even more important, you can build a potential buyer database, so when you have the right listing you already have a hot buyer waiting.

Agents running social media ads through the portals might tick the box for their vendor, but that approach won’t do much for the agent’s long-term success. 

Every time an ad directs a potential buyer or seller to a property portal, or outside your digital ecosystem, you are in effect ‘gifting’ them your data and making them stronger.  What this means is that each time you subsequently advertise, you are essentially paying to rent the data your previous content created. It doesn’t make sense!

A Facebook custom audience is the equivalent of your own virtual database and is the key to delivering cost-effective results for your vendors.  It is the foundation of successful remarketing, as it allows you to market a property more efficiently and effectively than your competitors. 

So there you have it, 3 compelling reasons why a social media presence for agents is essential. Don’t be left behind. Talk to us about how to best leverage social media to grow your business.

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