Are you relying on obsolete technology to market your rental listings? Is there a better, more cost-effective way?


The days of checking for rental properties in a newspaper or in the shopfront of a local agency are long gone. When Australians are looking for a property to rent, they head online. In the past they went to the traditional portals but increasingly they’re looking to social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

20 years ago, with the shift from print to online, the portals revolutionised real estate marketing, but the game has changed again. Two new powerful symbiotic revolutions have occurred – social and mobile.

Facebook is the largest social media platform in Australia, and increasingly mobile is the preferred viewing device with people scrolling their feed in waiting rooms, on trains or in the line at the supermarket. Not surprisingly therefore, Facebook is now one of the largest platforms for tenants searching for rental properties.

As 60% of Australians are active on Facebook every day, and checking their news feed up to 8 times daily, it makes sense to promote properties for rent where people spend the bulk of their media time.


 Whilst there is no doubt that advertising on Facebook is the future, for now rental agents wishing to maintain their portal presence need to analyse the market and be savvy with their marketing spend.

40% of property hunters check out both the traditional portal sites – and Equally, 48% of the audience will go to and 68% of the viewers will also visit in the same four-week period. (Roy Morgan Research). Based on these stats, it appears that if you advertise in both portals at least half your advertising spend is a waste of money as it is delivering your ads to the same audience.

Is it necessary to advertise rental on both portal sites?

In an analytical review of advertising spend, it makes sense to question if it is necessary to advertise on both of the highly-priced portal sites and at the same time consider the alternative modern approach of allocating budget toward a fresh, highly targeted audience in Facebook. 


ListingLogic’s automated advertising solution for rentals makes astute commercial sense when marketing in today’s media landscape. It delivers cost-effective exposure to a large and highly targeted audience in Facebook and Instagram, whilst archiving your valuable data for future use.

Furthermore, this light-touch solution ensures your business is working fast and smart, freeing up the property management team by eliminating repetitive and mundane tasks. Gone are the days of social media marketing being complicated and time consuming.


1.       Feature-listing Campaign

Ideal for premium listings, the feature-listing campaign is designed to deliver maximum clicks through to the listing on your website.

1.       Multi-listing Campaign

The multi-listing campaign advertises multiple listings in the one ad.  It is a super cost-effective way to advertise ‘this week’s rentals’.  Anywhere from 2 to 10 properties can be advertised in the one ad, for the same price. 


Both ad formats cost $150 (ex GST) for a 7 day campaign and will put the property in front of up to 10,000 potential tenants (Note:  The reach is dependent on the population density of the area/s you target).


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