Can landlords do a better job of finding tenants than you?


The internet is flooded with advertisements targeting landlords with offerings such as ‘a better way to rent your property’, ‘advertise your rental property without an agent’ or ‘cut out the middleman and improve the return on your property’. 

With the advent of social media, property owners believe they can locate tenants without an agent.  But can they market in Facebook more effectively and economically than you?  

ListingLogic provides a cost-effective solution for advertising properties for rent on Facebook and Instagram.  It auto-creates Facebook ads and publishes them to potential tenants in your targeted geographic areas.  The results of your campaign are automatically measured, with live data accessible at any time, on any device. 

Anyone who engages with your ListingLogic advertisements is tagged, and put into a custom audience for your future remarketing.  It is this virtual database of potential tenants, unique to your agency, that gives you the distinct marketing edge.  It means you can reach potential tenants in your area more effectively and economically than any landlord, and is why you can market a landlord’s property better more effectively than they can themselves. 


To ensure you maintain your marketing edge it is time to get on board with ListingLogic, and start advertising your rental listings this way.   

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