Clear your listings before they hit the market

Rather than a vendor splurging on the top-tier portal advertising packages straight-up, there is a growing number of agents advising their potential vendors to spend less, but spend it on a highly sophisticated and targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy.

Social media takes the property to prospective buyers, before they go looking for it on the portals. For active buyers, this creates a sense of unique opportunity and exclusive deals — they are shown properties they literally will not see anywhere else. 

If a buyer is uncovered this way, the agent has just saved their vendor buckets of money.  If no buyer is uncovered using the social media pre-seeding strategy, there is still nothing lost.  Without a huge investment of VPA (social ads can be run at just a fraction of the spend you’d otherwise have on portals), awareness and visibility of the listing has been established in the marketplace.

Vendors around the country are loving this approach and a tonne of property is being sold this way. Forward-thinking agencies are using innovative adtech like to advertise listings before they hit the portals.

ListingLogic is a practical, time saving, results-driven solution designed specifically for real estate.

Vendor-paid advertising packages start at $250 (ex GST).  

For more information about ListingLogic, contact or book an online demo.

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