Does anyone know the ROI of letterbox drops?

The good old DL letterbox drop used to be one of the favourite tools in a property agent’s tool-kit. But the times, they are a changing…

In the world of digital marketing, with data at our fingertips, no-one can ever be ever unsure of the effectiveness of an online campaign. But what about a letterbox drop? Has anyone ever tested and measured it to see that it actually works?

Letterbox drops are often referred to as a “spray and pray” tactic. This means once you hand them out, there’s no way of knowing how effective they were or if they were effective at all. Yes, the flyer might have been put in the letterbox, but was it ever looked at? Did it go straight in the bin? Is it still sitting in the letterbox, sodden after last night’s rain? Apparently, as few as one per cent of people who receive a physical letterbox drop will actually read it. But who would really know, and what’s more, you have no way of knowing who the people were that did indeed read the flyer.

Compare this with Facebook advertising. A Facebook localized marketing ad campaign allows you to target people precisely based on demographics. It is the equivalent of a digital letterbox but measurable. On Facebook you can measure the ROI of ad campaigns based on views, clicks, engagement and enquiries.

Also, when someone clicks on your Facebook ad, they can be tagged and grouped into a custom audience that you ‘own’ for remarketing. You know they’ve engaged with you; and you know they have an interest in your agency or in property in your area. When you have a custom audience of known engaged users, you can spend more of your advertising dollars marketing to people who you already know have a genuine interest in your service. Because of this data, and the custom audience you can build through Facebook marketing, a digital letterbox drop becomes more ‘intelligent’ the longer it goes on.

How Can ListingLogic Help You Deliver Great ROI For Your Vendors

ListingLogic auto-creates optimised Facebook ads for your property listings and publishes them to potential buyers and sellers. In doing so, it builds a custom audience of engaged users that you ‘own’ for your own future remarketing activities. This means over time, you can better define and target the people who are interested in properties for sale in the area. This is something printed letterbox drops can never achieve.

Furthermore, the results of your ads are automatically measured when you run a ListingLogic campaign in an easy to read live data report that is accessible to you and your vendor at any time and on any device.

Not only that, the results of all of your campaigns are collated and reported on your agency Data Dashboard. This is a great tool to use in listing presentations to show a potential vendor the results of past campaigns in that area, and what to expect from including a ListingLogic campaign in their property marketing package

To find out how ListingLogic can deliver great ROI for your vendors and streamline your processes, book a free demo.

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