Showcase best-fit listings and find motivated buyers

Always-on Dynamic Property Ads shows each potential buyer highly personalised listings based on their interests. Reach a right-fit engaged audience and add value to your vendor advertising. 

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Always on

Continuously leverage your whole listing catalogue, automatically updated with new listings, to reach the right buyers at the right time.

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Re-target individuals with listings they’ve viewed on your website and showcase others they’ll love based on their interests

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Cost effective

Get the best ROI with precise targeting. Revive older listings and keep them relevant to buyers.

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Wide reach

Find new potential buyers from those who've expressed interest in listings similar to yours, even if they haven't visited your website yet.

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Fast and simple

No need to set up multiple ad sets to target listings to different buyers.

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Leverage your entire listing portfolio

Book a demo to find out how Dynamic Property Ads can help you get the most from your ad spend, by showing potential buyers listings you know they'll love, based on what they've viewed so far.

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Hear from our customers

The Dynamic Property Ad carousels are a great product that enables us to showcase a range of properties to the market in a dynamic way. ListingLogic is effective in managing these for us with regular optimisation and reporting. DPAs perform well with a strong click-through rate and I would recommend them to anyone looking to showcase multiple products within one ad unit.


Jamie Graham

Residential Marketing Manager, Bayleys

Other products we offer

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Listing Maximiser

Showcase your listings to a high-intent audience on the digital platforms they use. Build a custom audience for remarketing to future buyers. 


Instantly leverage the brand promotion opportunity from every sale. Celebrate your team’s successes and showcase your brand. Learn more

Brand Maximiser

Grow awareness of your brand with potential clients using an always-on brand campaign, personalised to you and your objectives. 

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