Designed to deliver powerful effective results for you and your client.

Manage multiple property campaigns in real time.

Automated administration and vendor/agent services are reliable and simple to understand.

Practical, results-driven solution.

  • All property listings published on your Facebook page in searchable format. In one click they can be shared to Twitter, Pinterest, WeChat or an email.

  • Optimised ads are created and published to potential buyers and sellers to ensure best cost-effective results.

  • Live reports for each listing provide a great tool for you and your client to discuss how the listing is performing.

  • Engaged viewers can be directed to Facebook or your preferred website.

  • Custom audiences are created and managed for your future campaigns.

  • Agent and Office dashboards collate the performance of all of your advertising campaigns to build your digital CV for future property-listing presentations.

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Core benefits

We have bespoke solutions for:

·     Residential

·     Rental

·     Commercial

·     Business Brokerage