Is Apple changing the rules for everyone or for itself?

The ongoing friction between Apple and third party app providers, like Facebook, has resulted in Apple declaring that Apple device owners will soon be asked to opt in to their IDFA [ID For Advertisers]. Created by Apple in 2012, an IDFA is a unique code that is used to identify your Apple device in a way that can help publishers serve more relevant and cost effective ads.

Apple at the same time are calling for the adoption of its SKAdNetwork solution, which will allow for user engagement tracking [like an IDFA]. This solution is aligned to Apple’s commercial interests and is something ListingLogic will be monitoring as it develops.

The potential impact on businesses that rely on highly targeted interest-     based targeting is yet to be seen.  However, Facebook have taken the initiative and started to test their own opt-in steps, explaining the benefits of enabling Apple’s IDFA. At this stage, no other mobile device manufacturers have said they will follow this strategy. Facebook has also published this useful website for your interest.

ListingLogic has been running test campaigns using  the available and relevant targeting parameters for the real estate industry. Thankfully, our platform does not rely on complex consumer based targeting (that would be reliant on IDFA data).

For the property industry, the impact on overall performance and engagement should be minimal, due in part to the relevant, fresh content associated with a new listing, and the geo focused targeting that goes along with this. With ListingLogic, you have the confidence that digital distribution of new listings maximises your brand, and exposures your vendor’s property to a wider and more relevant audience. As the saying goes, content is King!                                                   

We’re in regular contact with Facebook and will provide you with ongoing updates as they unfold. Safe to say, there’ll be a lot of conflicting information. At ListingLogic, we’re here to help you get to market in the best possible way, by serving the right messages to relevant audiences.


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