Kiwis love social media

Kiwis are big internet users, spending on average five hours and fifty-five minutes each and every day on a an web-connected device

Not only that, their addiction to social media continues to grow. The number of active social media users has continued to increase by +9% and the number of mobile social media users has increased by +11% (at Jan 2019).

Kiwis are spending 1 hour and forty-three minutes each and every day on social media.

Facebook still tops the social media platforms with 3.2 Million New Zealanders actively using it. It has close to double the monthly active users of Instagram, and 60% more users than LinkedIn.

It is no surprise then that the best realtors use Facebook to reach more clients. It adds a further dimension to the property marketing mix, reaching out to potential a buyer and sellers – even those who aren’t actively looking…yet.

It provides a way to further connect with local buyers and sellers, and has the ability to target posts and ads to your core demographic.

For more information about ListingLogic , or to order an advertising campaign for a property listing, email, and we will get you up and running.

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