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ListingLogic provides organisations with a fast deployment platform to navigate the ever-changing social ad tech ecosystem.

ListingLogic is a highly scalable and flexible platform for automating new feature implementations pushed by Facebook and other social platforms.


  1. Hardware abstraction, Virtual Machine (VM) abstraction

  2. Parallel execution, auto-scaling based on system load

  3. Component-based software engineering (CBSE), component-based UI development

  4. Modular programming and inversion of control

  5. Elements of flow-based programming

Product = Campaign / Life cycle

ListingLogic has all the tools and techniques to develop new products on the fly within short period of time, to deliver specific customer requirements. ListingLogic can be establish as a stand-alone instance on a per client basis.

Example context:

Each Facebook feature and API (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/marketing-api/reference/v3.1) has been componentised and represented as a module that can be connected via visual user interface, allowing almost instant product creation utilising Flow-based programming technics.

Business Object: Scenario 1

•Extend the value of listing content into Facebook

•Increase brand engagement and lead generation

•Reduce high repeat task sets

•Strengthen direct to buyer/seller strategy

•Establish consistent brand experience within social media

•Create and retain useful data

•Maximise exposure of property listing

ListingLogic use case: Scenario 1

  • Client A has inventory of products (property listing, rental listings etc) and would like to create specific Facebook campaigns to maximise asset exposure within a specific business development area and time frame.

  • Client A has API endpoint where current active list of inventory is available.

  • ListingLogic is able to pull current inventory list and transform data and digital assets into unified format.

  • Campaign templates are defined within ListingLogic with potential targeting options based on default settings or defined customer preferences e.g Scenario Scenario 1 (Modular based execution) is defined by ListingLogic Platform based on campaign type.

  • Scenario 1 has unique API endpoint that can be feedback to Client A CRM/ERP system where each call would trigger new campaign and/or management of an existing campaign.

ListingLogic provides interconnect scenario modules to create unique campaign pipelines. As a result the client has access to higher level API layers that are more flexible and easy to use than native Facebook APIs. This abstraction is fast, stable, scalable and integration friendly.

An example of ListingLogic’s UI representation of a campaign for the property market.

An example of ListingLogic’s UI representation of a campaign for the property market.
Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 11.49.19 AM.png