Using social media to sell property in a buyer’s market

After years of growth, the real estate market is showing all the signs of a downturn: an oversupply of available properties, stagnating prices, and increasing “days on market” are some of the signs that we are shifting to a buyer’s market.

Now is the time to harness the power of social media. There are 15 million Australians actively using Facebook, with 1 in 2 logging on every day. There is your audience, it makes sense to put your property listings in front of them.

Pre-Campaign Advertising

Social Media advertising is cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. It is the perfect avenue for advertising off-market listings or testing the market prior to a major marketing investment. It provides a cost effective means for unlocking buyers who aren’t even in the market yet.

Mid-Campaign Surge

When paired with existing advertising, a highly targeted Facebook advertisement can provide a mid-campaign charge-up that just might score you a sale. That was the experience of Helen Munro Properties in Townsville recently, who had a ‘fairytale result’ after promoting a listing, that was already on the portals, using a ListingLogic Facebook campaign and on day one of the 2 week campaign unlocked a buyer and sold the property.

Reinvigorate Older Listings

If the property listing is approaching ‘stale’ status, Facebook advertising is how you can reinvigorate interest. If it has been advertised on the portals, the visibility of the listing will have waned. After 45 days, it will be starting to received little attention. And we all know, the longer the listing sits, interest will continue to diminish. A Facebook ad campaign will get the property in front of the right eyeballs again.

Want more tips and ideas for how to best leverage social media to sell property? Join our Facebook Group and be part of our conversation.

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