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Reach high value clients at minimal cost

Built for the real estate industry, ListingLogic connects you to more potential buyers, vendors, tenants and landlords. It optimises your digital marketing spend, and delivers the right ads, to the right audience – every time.

Don't take our word for it

Here's what some of the thousands of customers say about ListingLogic 

"Social media is having a huge impact on buyers... We’ve had buyers come and consider a new area that they’ve never looked in before - directly as the result of social media [on ListingLogic}. I’m also getting really great feedback from people who have seen me on Facebook and Instagram, helping life my profile and sales. "

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Rochelle Brinsdon

Ray White

"We are very grateful for the assistance we've received from the team at ListingLogic to bring this campaign to fruition. The guidance, service and information provided by our account manager have been very efficient in communicating and bringing a solution-based approach to the table. We are very happy with the outcome of our first agent profile campaign and are grateful for the flexibility ListingLogic provides."

manali setia - b&t

Manali Setia

Barfoot & Thompson

“I would highly recommend the Lock & Load campaign for any Loan Market broker looking to establish their name further in their community and to further assist in promoting their brand. It’s been an easy concept to understand and track, and I look forward to my next campaign in 2022.”

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Scott Palazzi

Loan Market

“I wasn’t using Listing Logic until the last 12 months. It’s no coincidence that my business has completely taken off since I started using social media more and more. And I’m expecting big things this financial year. I really encourage you to use Listing Logic and I will continue to do so going forward.”


Paul Neshausen

Barfoot & Thompson

"So easy! It keeps the social media going and I can add bits in as I have free time."

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Holly Brown


“I’ve been particularly blown away by the responses I have had from Be Seen (powered by Listing Logic). I have measured Be Seen, simply by the number of email enquiries I’m getting from those campaigns. You should definitely give it a try. You’d be absolutely surprised at the engagement you get from your digital campaigns.”

heather walton

Heather Walton

Ray White

"When I run a property campaign with ListingLogic the activity log is easy to follow, share and explain to my clients. The results achieved by the ListingLogic team are always with high attention and they truly provide a great marketing resource that delivers results."

grant harworth - b&t

Grant Haworth

Residential Sales Mairangi Bay Branch, Barfoot & Thompson

ListingLogic’s digital advertising platform is the fast, simple-to-use tool you need to boost your brand, get more business, and deliver impressive results for your customers.


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Your digital marketing expert

ListingLogic offers a suite of smart, simple-to-use digital marketing tools designed to maximise your competitive advantage and help you achieve better return on your advertising investment. 


Manage multiple campaigns in a single portal. Suitable for all sized businesses.


Quick, easy ordering process, integrated with your CRM. No digital marketing expertise required.


Create multiple ads in minutes. It takes just a few clicks. No wasted time on repetitive tasks.


Automated ad placement to find custom audiences most likely to engage with your ad.


Campaigns booked via the ListingLogic platform achieve better results than industry standard.


Harness the reach of the world’s most powerful online advertising channels automatically.


Get the best results for your marketing dollar with ads optimised for performance.


Real-time campaign performance insights via a live reporting dashboard.

How it works

4 simple steps to build an effective digital campaign


Select your listing or resource.

Advertise a listing, promote your personal brand, or attract a new customer base


Select campaign type.

Choose from one of our existing campaigns with ad formats that have been tested and optimised


Review ads.

Check your ad previews. Make any necessary edits. Get best practice ideas on how to improve ads for maximum impact – all within the platform.


Check your report.

Once published, your live dashboard provides real-time visibility into exactly how your ad is performing – for you and your customer.


ListingLogic integrates with range of business software, making it seamless to order, manage and report on campaigns through a single platform

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