Give 20%, Get 20%!

Do you know someone whose business could
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Refer them and get 20% off on your next listing campaign.







Refer a friend

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Give 20% off

The referred agent or office receives 20% off their first order


You get 20% off

Once the referred agent or office confirms their first order, you get 20% off your listing campaign too


How it works

   Refer a colleague or an office.
   When that person or office signs up with ListingLogic and orders
       their first campaign you get 20% off your next listing campaign.
   You don’t need to do anything else. We’ll contact you to set up your
       discounted listing campaign.
   Your discount can only be used for a listing campaign; another great reason
       to make sure digital advertising is always part of your marketing pitch.
  A referred agent or office gets 20% off their first campaign with